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Inteleqt Web development – Developing your ideas into reality

Are you unsure of the difference between web development and web design? Don’t worry you’re not alone.

Imagine that your website is a car, the web developer is the person that creates the engine and supporting technology – such as window wipers and electric windows. The web designer is the person that creates the bodywork of the car and gives it a pretty paint job at the end.

If you are considering having a website that you can easily update yourself without web design knowledge, or you are interested in dynamic features such as online shops or live chat, then you’ll be needing a web developer.

How can Inteleqt Web Design help you?

Bespoke web development has attracted a reputation for being costly due to the time and skill involved in creating new systems and features – often leading people to pay less for substandard development or giving up entirely.

Inteleqt web development is different. Our goal is to do our best to ensure web development is available to anyone, regardless of their budget. In the unlikely event that we can’t help you, we will find someone that can. So, as a great man once said, don’t let your dreams be dreams!

  • A robust platform that delivers results for your business.
  • Enhanced user experience.
  • All sites are web standard compliant
  • A site that works and enhances the viewers experience on the website
  • Navigation that gets results
  • Make sure it works on phones and other gadgets
  • A site that communicates who you are
  • Web development that considers the growth of your website

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